Alium’s Universe

Alium’s good sides

Alium was born from the will of its founder to create an out-of-the-ordinary brand. Founded in 2016, Alium offers you bikes assembled in France, elegant, colored, friendly to live with and which you could order according to your own wishes. Alium is a reliable bike that is built for you and which requires a minimum of maintenance and care. We are using quality materials purchased from expert suppliers and assembled with the French expertise. Relax with an innovative, reliable and unique bike.

French fabrication

Alium brand was built in response to the growing success of bike riding is urban areas and in leisure spots. Riding a bike is back on track and bike riders are looking for personalized products manufactured nearby. The philosophy of eco-friendly mobility also applies to our business model. Proximity to the final customer, capacity for exchange and assistance. To us, these are many points that mean great customer service

A great selection of materials

Alium brand offers high quality products, engineered and assembled in France. Colored and sometimes fanciful, it can count on the hand-made expertise of its founder to assure technical sophistication and reliability. The brand stands out for its ease of use thanks to several innovations such as solid tyres, belt transmission, integrated hub speeds and power generator.